Why should you use ChromoScreen?


The number of clones spotted on ChromoScreen substrate is able to provide an optimal resolution to cover all 24 chromosomes avoiding any possible issues related to the background signal.

Moreover, in order to make more accurate the analysis, we can evaluate each analytical run through its Quality Control parameters (QC parameters) like the:

    • Standard deviation of the clones (SD) in the analysis

    • Percentage of the clones included (%) in the analysis


    Chromoscreen Pack includes 5 physical slides and all the necessary reagents for the labelling and hybridization steps; considering that each of ChromoScreen microarray slide contains 4 areas, the kit is able to analyse 4 different samples using a single slide

    So that means that by using all the slides it’s possible to analyze 19 different samples (even deriving from different patients) simultaneously and in the same assay comparing them with the Reference 1 (normal reference DNA provided with the kit).

    Please note that only the first area (called Area 1) of a single slide must be used as Reference area on which it will be used exclusively the Reference 2 (normal reference DNA also provided with the kit).

    User friendly

    ChromoScreen Kit is able to detect aneuploidies of all the chromosomes through a proprietary dedicated software called Chromoscreen Software; its interface is really user friendly and, through a sophisticated algorithm, is able to process a large number of samples and provide a karyotype (where chromosome loss is associated with red color while chromosome gain is associated with green color) and a graphic that shows all the considered clones for each chromosome.

    As you can see in the graphic in case of aneuploidies most of the clones of the altered chromosomes are shifted outside the Normal Area (and consequently placed in the Altered Loss Area or in the Altered Gain Area).
    The software provides a general description of the sample analysis and it allows you to evaluate the analysis through some important parameters like the chromosome segment value, the standard deviation of clones and the number of clones for each chromosome evaluated.


    Results from ChromoScreen are available for the physician in less than 24 hours.
    ChromoScreen kit is based on a very easy and quick workflow:

    LABELLING 2 hours 30 mins


    HYBRIDATION12-16 hours

    WASHING30 mins

    DATA CAPTURE 20 mins

    DATA ANALYSIS20 mins